April 18th, three years on

When Oscar was put back on the ventilator he had to be given extra fluids. Normally when a person takes on more fluids, they just pass more urine to get rid of the excess. Their kidneys will help them to do this. Unfortunately, as we already knew Oscars kidneys were not working well at this point. This meant that the extra fluids were just accumulating in his body. A couple of medication alterations were made to help with this, but there was no instant solution.When I saw Oscar on the morning of the 18th I was shocked. He was very swollen, and very hot. He had a fan blowing by him to reduce his temperature.

His bed was also set at more of an angle than usual, which I think was supposed to help as well:

In the afternoon, Oscar’s nurse decided that to try to reduce his temperature she would put wet paper towels over him:

As everyone knows by now, Oscar hated hats. fortunately, paper towels are not hats and Oscar was perfectly fine with wearing one of them on his head!

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