April 15th, three years on

Remember this photo from April 10th?

Well, on April 15th, Oscar decided to put his hand like this: 

On April 15th I posted a Facebook status saying; “Oscar is TWO weeks old!” The above photo should have been posted with that, but due to poor signal in the hospital it failed to upload. I didn’t realise until days later, so I never posted it.

Apparently my little superstar had been keeping count of how many weeks old he was!

I’ve said it many times, but before Oscar’s birth we were told he had “a close to 0%” chance of survival. Honestly, I didn’t think Oscar would make it through his birth. I never imagined he would make it to two weeks old.

In the front of Oscar’s notes on the PICU there was a copy of a letter which detailed the full extent of Oscars condition and our plan for comfort care. This was written before he was born and contained the facts as well understood them. It stated that Oscar’s prognosis was “guarded” and that he would likely be very unwell immediately following birth. It was then followed by the information that he had spent a day and a half with no medical intervention in our local hospital. Each nurse and doctor that cared for Oscar read this information, and it always amazed them that the baby in the bed in front of them was the same one as in that letter.

For him to have made it to two weeks old was something of a surprise to everyone!


I went into Oscar’s memory box yesterday looking for a copy of that letter I mentioned above. I have many letters, but not that specific one. It doesn’t really matter that I don’t have it, all I actually need to remember is that Oscar clearly never read it, and decided to do things in his own way. 

So, instead of the negativity of that letter I’m sharing something else. I don’t mention the rest of my family on here, but all you really need to know is that they loved Oscar very much. As evidenced by the cards that always make me cry when I look at them:

Oscar was mine, I loved and still love him more than anything. But he was also part of a larger family of people that I know would have fought forever for him. 

As much as Oscar was my son, he was also a grandson, a great grandson, a nephew, a great nephew, a cousin and most importantly an amazing, deeply loved and special little baby. 

Because of Oscar always being in hospital, most of his family didn’t get the chance to meet him. For those that did, they saw for themselves just how special he was. For those that didn’t, I hope I am doing him justice in sharing his story. I hope that you feel Oscar is a part of your lives, of your family despite never meeting him. 

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