April 12th, three years on.

I work shifts and sometimes they are so busy that I don’t get a second to actually copy, paste and post! So, I’m a day late again: 

April 12th was when we discovered Oscar was a bit of a high achiever. While we were busy sleeping overnight, he decided to do a bit of artwork:

Now, I’ve been told that it may not have been entirely all his own work. I did realise that…its obviously not his writing!

In all seriousness as a mother who will never get to have her child create her a piece of artwork, this picture does mean a lot to me. He may not have actually had anything to do with it, but it was created by the person who was caring for him that night. It made his bay a little more colourful then, and now it is a physical reminder of him.

You will notice it is attached to a grey metallic item. This is the light and heater that was over Oscar’s bed. He loved that thing, and often found it far more exciting than me to look at! The picture moved to beside his bed after we had seen it. After all, we wouldn’t want to upset Oscar by covering part of his friend!

April 12th was also the day of Oscar’s first haircut (well shave!)

He was becoming increasingly difficult to get new lines in, and he had to have them to receive the medications that were keeping him alive. The one place they hadn’t tried, was his head (a common place to use in babies.)

I knew there was no other option, but it takes a bit of getting used to, that they are going to put a line in your babies head. I don’t know whether it’s because they have to shave the hair, or just because they look a bit more unsightly than in say an arm or leg. Also, given that his nose was already covered by tubes and tape, it was another part of his face we couldn’t see.

As it turned out, they couldn’t get one in his head that day and just left him with a bit of a bruise:

When we left that night, he still had no lines in his head, but we knew it was only a matter of time.

They also tried to get a different type of line in, that I can’t remember the name of, but it would have gone deeper into his body, and should have lasted longer. They got this line in, but it was positioned incorrectly so they couldn’t use it and had to remove it. They checked its position using an x-ray:

I can’t really see where the wire is wrongly placed to point it out, I just liked that the doctor let me take a photo of his x-ray. I’m guessing an expert would also be able to see the problem with his lungs in this image, but I’ve no idea what I am looking for.

Note above, that his dressings were also changed today. You can also see the beginnings of the bruise where the heparin line was before (inside of his right arm) and of course, Oscar hand.

(In order to attempt that new line, Oscar was given some more sedation, so I don’t actually have any awake photos from today.)

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