Yellow is a bright and happy colour. It is the colour of sunshine. It is also the colour that reminds me of Oscar. 

This was the outside of the hospital Oscar was born at, on the day of his birth:

The favourite of all his toys was his yellow duck “hat”

And he also had a yellow blanket:

(Oscar wasn’t fooled that it wasn’t his duck friend on his head by the way!) 

As we enter spring again, daffodils are everywhere. 

They are in my back garden:

And in my lounge:

And they are a nice reminder of my little boy, who despite living just 23 days in hospital, bought sunshine and smiles into my life. 

As is probably expected, given the subject, most of my blog posts have a lot of sadness in. And you may think that’s where this is heading. 

It isn’t. Today, I’d like to share one of my favourite books as a child:

It’s the story of a duck cushion, where the duck comes to life for a day. He packs a lot of life into a short time, just like a certain little baby named Oscar did! An odd coincidence that so many years later, Oscar also had that yellow duck preference. 

My other favourite book, was also about a duck, but he wasn’t yellow:

It should be noted that I had nothing to do with the yellow blanket, duck or daffodil picture.  

The blanket and the duck each came from one of the hospitals Oscar was at, and the daffodil picture was taken by the photographer who was there just after Oscar was born. 

(I should also note, those books are not my original copies; my poor wacky had more sellotape than book by the time I parted with it!) 

So yellow is for ducks, sunshine, happiness and also smiles reminding me of a little baby named Oscar. 

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