My Marathon: 26.2 miles complete.

Once upon a time there was a baby named Oscar. Before Oscar was born, he was diagnosed  with a congenital heart defect, and was described as “incompatible with life.” We were told multiple times the best option would be to end the pregnancy.

Fortunately, a character trait Oscar and I both shared was stubbornness. I carried and protected him for 9 months and then he gave us 23 wonderful days of life. His life was short, and his life was spend mostly attached to machines in hospital, but it was still a life.

And it is because of Oscar that I have completed the BHF My marathon, jogging (and walking) 26.2 miles over a month. It is because, if Oscar can do the impossible, then so can I.
I’ve got a condition called Joint Hypermobility. It basically means that my joints are looser than they should be. When i was younger it made me more flexible, now it means aching joints. It means my muscles have to work harder to support my joints and that i get tired more easily. It means that i am prone to injuries such as sprains and strains. It means my joints displace more easily. It meant that jogging any distance was always going to be difficult.  But, I did it anyway. Because, as Oscar proved, there is a huge difference between something that is difficult and something that is impossible. Because Oscar proved, that just because someone says something is impossible, it doesn’t mean they are right.

At the moment there is no cure for HLHS (the congenital heart defect Oscar had) but that doesn’t mean that money donated to the BHF cannot help babies/children like Oscar and their families. The BHF provides literature for parents-to-be who have just been given the news that their baby has a heart defect. The BHF provides specialist nurses in hospitals. The BHF is much more than a charity looking for a cure. It is a charity that provides support where a cure may never be an option.

Oscar’s story isn’t a fairy story. He died. His heart condition did ultimately mean he couldn’t survive. But, he did exist and he fought so hard to do that.
It is for that reason that I completed MyMarathon. For Oscar.

In most of Oscar’s pre surgery photos he looks just like any other baby. The photo below, of my hand and his, shows how blue his hands were. This is because his heart defect meant he was unable to properly oxygenate his blood.
For my impossible boy, who lived.

My fundraising page is here:



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