BHF My Marathon 

My Fundraising Page

The link above takes you to my personal British Heart Foundation My Marathon fund raising page. 

The idea is that during the month of May I will run the equivilant of a Marathon (26.2 miles.) I will split the distance up over the month and I’m planning on running a mile each day to start with. 

As someone who hated PE at school and hasn’t really exercised in about 14 years, this will be a huge challenge. I’m still carrying some leftover pregnancy weight (yes, two years later!) and I run like…well Phoebe from friends! So, while for many this doesn’t seem like a challenge at all, for me it will be. 

And why am I doing this? For Oscar of course. In May two years ago we burried our 23 day old baby. He fought for every single heartbeat. He did the equivalent of running his own Marathon every day. 

When we first got Oscar’s diagnosis back in September 2013 we had contact with a BHF funded nurse at the hospital. Her name was Nicola and at a time when our whole world was falling apart she provided comfort and support. She was literally the person that kept us from falling apart completely. She is the reason I want to raise money for the BHF. Because training people like her, gives support to parents like me. It enables her not only to provide in person support, but to provide leaflets that I was able to take away and read when the initial shock had worn off. As well as support, she gave us hope. She answered questions that we had no one else to ask. 


I volunteered in a BHF shop when I was 16. I had no idea that years later I would actually receive support from that charity myself. 

I am doing this for Oscar and for all the future heart babies and their parents. For now, may they get the BHF support that I did and maybe in the future hope for better treatment options. 

If you have a pound or two to spare, and want to encourage me by sponsoring me I would be very grateful. 

I may not have my precious heart baby any longer, but I will be forever grateful for the support the BHF gave us before Oscar was born. 

Without the support of a nurse like Nicola, we may not have received the information we did that enabled us to make the decision to continue with the pregnancy. And no matter how short my time with Oscar was, a short time is still better than no time at all. 




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