Hello (again)

If you have previously read a blog called “Oscar’s Story” you may be puzzled in having reached this site. Where are the previous two years posts? Where is Oscar’s Story?
Well, in short, it hasn’t gone anywhere; it is still there exactly where it was and as it was written; only I am the only person who is now able to read it.

Because it contains a lot of identifiable information. It contains a large number of photos of Oscar, which I was happy to share at the time. Now, I need to be careful about the number of photos of Oscar that are accessible on the internet. It’s a big scary world out there and I am not comfortable with the idea that Oscar’s photos could fall into the wrong hands and that they could be used in ways that I have not authorised.

I cannot edit the original Oscar’s Story, it is the most complete record I have of Oscar’s life and I am not willing to lose it. Having said that, I am keen to continue to share Oscar and his story with the world.
So here we have my compromise, Oscar’s Story 2.0…the new version with fewer photos, and less personal details, but still his story.

If you have read my previous blog, it’s likely there will be some repetition here. Please bear with me; I have some new posts planned for the future.

If you are a first time reader, welcome. My next post is just for you.

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